Our School

Room 7 

Year 0 (New Entrance) - Year 2.   We have two wonderful teachers in this class. Whaea Helen & Mrs Wilson. They work on different days to make up the week. Whaea Helen has traveled the world & taught English while on her adventures. We love hearing about her experiences.  Mrs Wilson is in her first year as a registered teacher, she was with us last year as a student teacher so is already settled and adored by her students.

Room 6

Year 0 (New Entrance) - Year 2.  Ms. McLean who has so much energy & bounce, is able to keep our wonderful new students interested & engaged.  She has plenty of experience in early childhood which includes her Bachelor of Education. (A four year degree)    Whaea Tammy is also in this classroom for Term 1  2023.  Tammy has a degree in teaching and has spent several years at Waihi East School.


Years 3-6.  This is Ms. Martin’s class. Ms. Martin loves science & is our Enviro Schools Teacher. She also has an awesome background as an amateur trampolinist.  We all love her relaxed yet in-control teaching style. She also has a Pharmacology Degree and studied Post Grad Forensic Science. 

ROOM 4  

Years 3-6.  Whaea Tash is new to our school as a fully fledged teacher but has been working at the school over the past 2 years. 


Years 0-4  Teina (Younger Children). Whaea Erika encompasses te ao Maori (tikanga, values, beliefs, culture, language) within her classroom.  She is devoted to her whanau, hapu and iwi and inspires to share her knowledge to all.

TE REO MAORI  LEVEL 2  Rumaki CLASSES  (Level 2 -  80% Te Reo Maori language) 


Years 5-6 Tuakana (Older Children) & 7-8 Takawaenga  (Intermediate)

TE REO MAORI  LEVEL 2  Rumaki CLASSES  (Level 2 -  80% Te Reo Maori language) 


Heather Fox:          

Supports Charmaine in the Administration role, she also has one on one lessons with students & small groups, supporting their journey to meeting their potential & growth. Heather has endless patience and is very organized. 

Lisa Sharpe:

Supports the English Medium classes, working in class and with groups of children who need extra support. Lisa also works one on one with children from senior classes, who need that extra boost to reach their full potential.  

Sera Potter:

Supports the English medium classes, based in the classroom and focusing on those children that need extra support & attention. Sera also manages our website & edits our newsletter. 


Matua Amaru :

One of our wonderful Learning Support Assistants. (KAI ĀWHINA) His skills have no limits, the support given to the Rumaki Classes is just the beginning, our resident guitarist, a gem of a voice and always supporting Kapa Haka & Netball. 

Matua Leigh:

Leigh joined us in 2022 and has settled in wonderfully with our staff and tamariki. 

WHARE KAI   (Lunch Room)

Our wonderful lunch ladies provide delicious, nutritious meals for our Kura. They work hard & it shows as the Whare Kai is a wonderful warm & inviting space for everyone to enjoy their lunch. All meals are made on site - fresh every day. The menu plan has a variety of dishes including some regular favorites.  (as requested by our kura)  

Fresh fruit is always served with lunch & the serving sizes are generous so everyone has enough to fill their hard working puku's.


Delwyn runs our lovely little library and is always welcoming and kind. She has a peaceful manner that is a perfect fit for the quiet serenity of our library