Our School

Room 7 

Year 2.   Welcome  Jason McKearney. 

My name is Jason McKearney and I am your Year 2 teacher for Term1.

I have been teaching for 16 years, am married and have 3 daughters.

I am passionate about sport; play rugby and cricket and surf as much as possible.

Room 6

Year 0 (New Entrance). Whaea Tammy is in this classroom for 2023.  Tammy has a degree in teaching and has spent several years at Waihi East School.

 Ms. McLean Is currently away.


Years 4-6.  This is Ms. Martin’s class. Ms. Martin loves science & is our Enviro Schools Teacher. She also has an awesome background as an amateur trampolinist.  We all love her relaxed yet in-control teaching style. She also has a Pharmacology Degree and studied Post Grad Forensic Science.  We also have Whea Barb teaching two Days a week for Term 1 of 2024

ROOM 3  

Years 4-6.  Whaea Tash is in her 2nd year with our school . 


Whaea Jill 

Year 3-4 


Heather Fox:          

Supports Sera in the Administration role, she also has one on one lessons with students & small groups, supporting their journey to meeting their potential & growth. Heather has endless patience and is very organized. 


Matua Leigh:

WHARE KAI   (Lunch Room)

Our wonderful lunch ladies provide delicious, nutritious meals for our Kura. They work hard & it shows as the Whare Kai is a wonderful warm & inviting space for everyone to enjoy their lunch. All meals are made on site - fresh every day. The menu plan has a variety of dishes including some regular favorites.  (as requested by our kura)  

Fresh fruit is always served with lunch & the serving sizes are generous so everyone has enough to fill their hard working puku's.


Our Library has just had a big tidy up and students will visit weekly to read and discover new books.